Chemical Ingredients

I am in total agreement with everything in this particular article.

I LOVE my body, and I want to stay healthy. I’m just beginning to replace all my products in my house with organic alternatives as well as essential oil options. I am careful about what ingredients I put on my body, but I don’t know everything.

For example, yesterday, I learned that aspartame = fecal matter of the E Coli bacteria. Gross, huh? Lots of other chemicals are in our foods that cause cancer, sterility, sickness, deformities, and overall – poor health.

I want to live as natural as possible, and really focus on limiting the amount of poisons I put into my body.

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So for a couple of months I’ve been wanting to have my Biosignature done but never got around to it.  So finally last weekend I had it done.  Basically they take skin fold measurements at 12 different sites.

Here is what Biosignature testing is:

BioSignature Modulation was developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. After working with athletes for 30 years (including Olympic medalists in over 10 different sports) Charles noticed repeated correlations between lab-based hormonal changes and site-based body fat changes. The beginnings of BioSignature were born. Charles went on to develop BioSignature Modulation as it is known today and began training a select group of practitioners world-wide in its systems and protocols.
Your initial BioSignature Modulation consultation takes approximately an hour and a half and includes a comprehensive assessment of your hormonal balance, your general well being (energy, digestion, patterns), your lifestyle, your exercise and nutrition habits…

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