Distracted Day



Today, I just feel distracted… I start working on something, and then I get pulled into something else. Or, I get distracted because of a phone call, an email, a text, facebook, or another work-related something.

I keep thinking about dogs. Haha, I’m always thinking about dogs. But today, I was excited about seeing one of my long-term doggie clients. He was recently neutered, so I was excited to see how his behavior is now. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks, so I also wanted to see he was progressing without me. I normally get to accompany him and his human-momma to class on Saturdays, but I won’t be able to attend this weekend. Rarely happens, but a series of different events led up to this moment. See? Now I’m thinking about the social this weekend.

**And then my coworker got my attention by making colonoscopy jokes. Ok, back to dogs.***


Super cute dane puppy picture I found

My husband and I have been discussing getting a second dog, on and off really, for quite some time. We are ready, and then something financial happens. Or we are 100% on board, and then the dog gets adopted before we get there.  The puppy fell through (see my post on Great Dane Breeding), and I’m still disappointed. Though, I would much rather rescue anyway, instead of buy.

So, we are just putting it on the back burner, and letting it happen when it happens. Yes, I will continue looking, but it seems I just get my heart broken every time. I want to have a dog throughout its whole life. Go through the puppy stages, adolescence, adult stage, senior, and then make the final decision to terminate life when the time comes. I want to be there every step of the way, and be there the whole time. Someday… someday.

So, let’s do some self-searching, and talk about feelings again. Right now, in this moment:

-Sad, it’s an underlying constant
-No Motivation (not sure if this is a feeling, but meh). This started last night.
-Excited !!

Oh yeah! I’m babysitting a trainer friend’s dog this weekend, and he’s coming tonight. I’m excited for a few reasons.
1) Having a second dog over the weekend. That’s always fun for me.
2) Napoleon gets a playmate.
3) He’s a pittie, and I love this breed. Since he’s not my dog, I’ll say his name is ‘Dawg’
4) He’s a ‘teacher’ and will help Napoleon learn what is acceptable and what is not.

I’ll post about our adventures over the weekend on Monday. Oh, back to my emotion list…

-Nervous (About the cats and Dawg)
-Tired, I always feel tired these days
-Worried (My hubby is sick today and about money-constant)
-Annoyed at all the spam emails I have

Well, I think that sums it up for this exact moment in time. How is your day going?

2 thoughts on “Distracted Day

  1. Ryder is depressed that he won’t see you tonight and I think he is sad that his “pendulum” is missing. I’m depressed that his Tramadol is gone and although he isn’t in pain anymore, I sure loved the calming effect they had on him last week. I’m excited because we are getting a new family member for a little while but also nervous because I think Ryder might try to eat him. I need to introduce them again and this time let our new friend feed him a nice juicy bone or something yummy. I guess last time he was here Ryder went on faux-attack mode. I’m irritated because Fabio is shedding like crazy and every time he gets off my bed it looks like he left half of his fur on my comforter. I need to think about shaving him. And speaking of shaving, I’m super-duper excited about shaving my head. Who says you have to be boring when you get old?

    Anyway, love you Heather and hope to see you very soon!!!

    • Awww. Is this ‘new family member’ you are talking about a cat? I would keep them separated entirely for now. Ryder isn’t completely ready for that yet. If it’s another dog, do it slowly, and have him tethered, so he can’t chase. Introduce them outside in the front yard if you can. There is less “pressure” when they are outside. Then, slowly move them into the house if that goes ok.

      If it’s a kid, well, keep him tethered on the banister, and have him throw treats at Ryder’s feet. Slowly have him move closer and closer towards Ryder. If Ryder at any time lunges or barks, have the kid STOP (don’t back up!), and wait for him to lose interest. Don’t make eye contact until Ryder seems calm(er). Eventually, he should be close enough to drop a bone in front of Ryder. No hand-feeding just yet. He’s not ready for that yet.
      Call me if you need me, I’ll be home, doggy-sitting this weekend!

      Every time I see him, he shows a little improvement. If you go to class on Saturday, let me know what Heather (or some of the other trainers) say about him. He might still need some time for the testosterone to wear off. (I have some new things to try with him on Tuesday!)

      See you on Tuesday!!

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