Funny Blogger

So, I found this blog today, and seriously… it’s really funny. I read a few of the ‘Best Of’s (Ok, I read all of them), and they are really REALLY funny. If you want a laugh, this girl does an awesome job on her blog.

I’m just finishing up for the day, and I have to run to the butcher before I head over to my Project Dog’s house. So, this is all I can post today. But I thought I would leave something funny in my wake today.

On a side note, doggie-sitting is all fun and games until someone gets licked in the face! hehe, just kidding. He’s been a blast! Adventure story of my week with a pittie is coming, everyone!

I haven’t forgotten, I promise! He’s still with us today, and possibly tomorrow, so I want to finish out our adventure before I start posting stories!

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