Pal Royale

FRIENDSRecently, I was feeling pretty down about not hanging out with my friends. It felt like everyone was too busy for me. Now, I’m pretty excited to say that I know I have lots of friends who want to hang out, and that everyone WAS busy, but now they want to chill with my awesome self! Makes me a happy panda!

I had a friend picnic that was really fun, even though we got completely fucking soaked rained on. I had a few previous clients come, and some friends I met at a dog workshop I took a while back. My parents came, and I got to see my niece. That was a really fun day! We played at the park, played with the dogs in the splash pad, and got to chat with everyone. Fun day!

I recently had a friend stay with me from out of town. She travels and moves all the time, so I can’t keep track of where she is. First here, then Washington, then Florida, then California – seriously, woman, calm down! I met her in college, and she moved shortly after I got married. It was an awesome thing to see her. I get to see her a few times a year, and she stays with us, so I get to see her on my way to and from work, and in the evenings.  She doesn’t give us much notice when she’s in town, so I usually can’t change my plans that late in the game (work and client appointments, previous engagements, etc). But it’s still nice to see her. She painted my nails, and we talked about all kinds of stuff.

IMG_9949I made a new friend as well, who was one of my clients, and my hubby and I were invited to her husband’s birthday party a few weeks ago. That was fun, especially since we were outside a ‘work’ setting. I’m seeing her again soon for a girls’ movie night with adult beverages. YAY! By the way, did you know they make cake-flavored vodka? Yeah, I know. Awesome, have to get some immediately.

I had another friend come back from a 3-week long vacation, so, we are trying to plan a lunch date. She’s a very special friend, who was also a previous client. To protect her privacy, I won’t say anything more. All I can say is that she is awesome, and I want to be her when I grow up!

A friend who used to live here, then moved out of state will be in town for a couple days this week as well, and we plan to have lunch together on Thursday. HUGE deal, because I haven’t seen her in almost a year! I see her husband a lot more because he flies in to town to work. He works with my husband, so whenever he comes to town, we always go drinking, or hiking or something. Very fun couple. We need to make plans to visit them, along with a thousand other people.

I’ve also been hanging out with a trainer friend and her hubby pretty often. We’ve gone horseback riding, played video games, and watched fireworks over the last few months, and we are going to watch a movie this week. Have you ever seen Hoodwinked? It’s a really funny who-done-it show with a Little Red Riding Hood twist. I like random movies like that. Speaking of movies, I just watched Warm Bodies as well, and I LOVED it! Since I rented it, I watched it three times, and I want to watch it again. I’m addicted to the main character. He’s like deliciously hot to the point where I think I’m creeping myself out. Well, he’s a zombie, so I guess that’s ok. Yeah, he’s hot non-zombified too. Ok, I’m weird. Whatever. I would zombie rape him. Here’s a trailer about it. Erm.. not zombie raping, but Warm Bodies. Ok I’m done.

Ok, one more because I have an unhealthy love for R. ❤


Hottest zombie I have ever seen

And here’s a trailer for Hoodwinked. Yeah, it’s silly. But it’s really funny.

Anyway, my life is pretty much awesome. I’m happy to say I’m elevated again, so I always end up taking on too much. I’m not going to this time. When I have client cancellations, I take the night off. I didn’t used to do this, and I tried to fill the appointment with another person so that I could fit in more. I was overworking myself. I need a break, and I need more structure with my plans. With the help of a trainer friend, I have revamped my pay-per-session prices, changed my package prices, and I am putting together a group class I want to start offering next year. I have also written up my boarding contract and I’m being more of a business, than just an on-the-side hobby. I also changed my business name, which was much needed. I don’t train with positive-only techniques anymore, so I needed to update everything.  We are no longer Pawsitive Dog Training. Our new business name is Project: K9. It is a good change. I’m getting ready for the big leagues!

Peace out, fans! Thanks for reading and following my story!

2 thoughts on “Pal Royale

  1. I’m glad you are in a positive place, Heather. And FYI, they also make Candy Bar vodka, too…chocolate caramel. Yep, it is very yummy!

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