Random Keywords

Random-randomLooking through some of the keywords people have put in to find my blog on search engines. I have done ZERO SEO work on my blog because I’m not interested in getting views. I just want to tell my story to the world and people who are interested. If you want to read, awesome. If not, you’ll die a painfully horrible death that’s ok too.

Anyway, here are some that stood out, or were super common in the list of 400 keywords people searched for. I didn’t include the obvious ones like ‘heather Hamilton dog training’ or ‘how do I potty train my puppy’ or ‘great dane puppies’ because those aren’t interesting at all, and those actually make sense.

sexwoman, pet gay sex, husband leash training, sex lasben muskart, sexwoman ah nd animal, dogtraining gay fiction, puppy with no money, heather hamilton dog, dog training gay bara, singapore roller coaster vector, can bearded dragons eat triscuits, gay puppy training pads, dog gaysex, heather beck dog training

So, let’s think of this logically. Lots of gay animal sex keywords mentioned. I don’t think I have ever wrote about gay dog sex, gay puppy training pads, dog training gay fiction, or anything gay in Singapore. But, ok. Not sure how my blog came up with those searches. Great job, Google. Let’s clear something up. Dogs can’t be gay. Ok, moving on.

‘husband leash training’. This makes sense if you are into that sort of thing. I can see the appeal. I don’t think I would write about it on my blog, however. I would have to go look through every single post I have ever made to see if I have discussed ever attaching a leash to my husband.

Next one is ‘puppy with no money’. It is a sad world indeed. That puppy may just need to find a job.

Now, Singapore roller coaster vector. I.. don’t even know what to say about this one.

Can bearded dragons eat triscuits? Umm, I guess they could if they wanted to… Not healthy for them, but I’m sure if they were hungry enough, they certainly could eat a triscuit. Man, what are people searching for nowadays? Bored much?

And the last one that is interesting and kind of cool – ‘heather back dog training’. Heather Beck is a trainer in my area, a highly reputable awesome trainer, I might add. She owns K9 Lifeline and teaches workshops throughout the year. The workshops I have attended this year have all been at her facility, and I am also taking her Certification course next week at her facility. She travels to Belize a lot to help adoptions out there as well as spay/neuter and help with vaccinations. She also works with Cesar Millan on his workshops. I’m excited to get to actually work closely with her next week.

Anyway, this post was random, but I wanted to at least write something this week. Just a heads up- next week will be busy since I will be at my workshop, so don’t expect a post from me.

Chow for now brown cow.

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