Miracle of Life

My friend, Bethany Tracy from Wasatch Canine Camp, and WCC’s Berners invited me to experience something incredible. It was a very cool day, but a night full of waiting. Yep, I got to see a puppy brought into this world. It truly was something I will remember forever.C-Section on Luna, Wasatch Canine Camp, WCC Berners

I was just at home, hanging out with some friends, while training some dogs around distractions. I get a text from my friend saying that her dog, Luna, might be having her puppy (yeah, singleton puppy) tonight. I immediately said I would be right over and sent my friends home, and packed up some overnight essentials to head over. Of course, this just included kit-kats, graham crackers, and m&m’s. I’m serious about overnight essentials. 😉

What was truly amazing was that this particular bitch was bred around 2 months ago, and 2 ultrasounds later said no puppies. Pregnancy didn’t take. So, we were not expecting a litter at this time. About a week ago, Beth saw something moving in Luna’s abdomen while she was laying on her back. It was either something out of Alien, or this dog was indeed pregnant. She took her in for an xray, and sure enough – she was pregnant with one puppy!

C-Section on Luna, Wasatch Canine Camp, WCC Berners

This little life is brought into the world!

Anyway, I head over to her house, and we camp out, waiting for Luna to go into labor. We were seeing signs of her starting to get ready, but still no puppy. Around 1:30, she was starting to get awfully uncomfortable, but again – still no puppy. Heavy panting, eyes darting, wanting to snuggle constantly, and couldn’t get comfortable. We were looking for our her to ‘nest’ in her birthing pool (where she would shred the sheets and blankets in there) or at least a contraction. Nothing. We fall in and out of sleep, as the sound of Luna’s panting waking us from time to time. She didn’t sleep either.

She had an appointment to get a c-section at 9:00 in the morning. We were really hoping for a naturally born puppy, but that doesn’t always work out. Beth said that normally, she would just wait for the puppies to be born, but with singleton puppies, you have to be careful not to put too much stress on them. So, I went home, let my dogs outside to potty, fed them breakfast, and then we headed to the vet.

C-Section on Luna, Wasatch Canine Camp, WCC BernersWe were really hoping there may have been more puppies in there, that we just couldn’t see in the xray. We impatiently wait in the waiting room to get Luna prepped and ready for her procedure. We see many dogs come and go, and finally she is ready. We get to watch the c-section, and see this puppy be born!

We go back into the room where she is under anesthesia already, and the vet makes the first cut into her abdomen. It happened so fast! First, Luna was on the table, and they were asking us if we were ready. Then,  A PUPPY! A little boy was born into the world.

They got him out of his sac, and then the vet tech cleaned out his throat and nose, and there he was. A healthy little boy weighing 1.2lbs. He was so small, and cute, and just figuring out how to breathe.C-Section on Luna, Wasatch Canine Camp, WCC Berners

I was able to hold him the whole way home. Luna was a little nervous at first, but figured out he was her puppy soon enough. He figured out how to nurse, and she figured out how to clean him. One of Beth’s other dogs, Sasha also had puppies a long time ago. She was a great helper! It was like she wanted to be a mom all over again. She hovered over the little guy, cleaning him every once in a while, and was very concerned about his well being.

I didn’t get to see a natural birth, but this was just as awesome.  It was so awesome, that I wanted to share it with all of you!

C-Section on Luna, Wasatch Canine Camp, WCC Berners

Welcome to the world, little man! Click me to find out more about me, and see more pictures of me!

One thought on “Miracle of Life

  1. That is so very cool and special and I am excited for you that you got to experience it. Love ya sweetie, thanks for sharing this great experience!

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