Great First Date

Alright, been trying out the dating thing for a minute. By far, best first date I have ever had. Fuck that, BEST DATE I have ever had. An actual date, where the guy takes out the girl, they eat and then get to know each other and have a good time. Yeah, haven’t had many of those. At least not in the terms of ‘dating’. After I’ve been seeing someone, of course we do things together, but this was amazing. For me, it’s all about connecting with someone, and not being afraid to show them who you are. I was 100% myself last night. And it felt like this guy got me.

We met up at the restaurant to eat dinner. Now, keep in mind, this is all on Tinder and text messages so far. I actually haven’t met this dude yet. So, I only have an inkling of what he looks like.

Getting off topic for a very important reason. (I promise!) When I’m swiping right (means you like the person), I have some criteria.

1-Yeah, I’m shallow. I need to find them attractive.
2-Shirtless pics of guys or bikini pics of girls.. No. You’re trying too hard. I’m not THAT shallow.
3-No description.. no swipey swipey. Your pics do not say all I want to know about you. Sorry.
4-Duck faces kill it for me.
5-Pictures with kids. Since I don’t want to somehow inherit a family, I’m out. Even if they aren’t your kids. Also, why are you posting pictures of kids on a dating site? Can you say pedophile alert?
6-I don’t need someone who spends their life in the gym. Your hobbies are: running, cycling, hiking, and going to the gym. Hmm, do you ever eat ice cream?
7-They need to like ice cream.
8-I don’t need a puppy. I need a partner. Or at least someone to have fun with who doesn’t ‘need’ me all the time. I don’t do the needy thing. Sorry.

Ok, that’s enough of my criteria. ANYWAY, back on track here. So, I don’t know REALLY what he looks like. We had been texting for a couple weeks, and he made me laugh. I smiled when I saw I got a text from him. He asked me out for din-din. He sent me a few pictures, so I had an idea of what he looks like. (Me likey)

I go inside, he’s waiting already, since he got off work a tad early. Tall, curly hair, and he had a cute smile. We sit down and get some beers and order our food. We stayed and talked and laughed until we realized the restaurant was going to close. Kind of didn’t want the night to end, so I suggested we go up to a club that was pretty close.

We drive over there. It’s packed. What? That never happens. Ummm… Oh, right. It’s a couple days before Halloween! Ok, Halloween RAGER! Awkward for a first date, but whatever, right? It was a banquet party for a child who had a heart condition. So, we go in, maneuver past everyone to get some booze, and then sit down and attempt to have a conversation. That’s not really happening-way too loud. So, we decide to dance.

I’m not shy. I dance, I sing, I’m having a good time. Oh shit, he’s having a good time too? Awesome. Both of us were dancing like we had no shame. Nah, we didn’t. We were dancing, and drinking, and singing, and checking out everyone’s costumes. We were already so comfortable with each other, and being dorks. My favorite. 😉

I won’t share all the delicious details… but there was kissing. And it was magical… *ahem anyway* All I will say was I liked it. 😉 My stomach was doing flip flops, and I didn’t want the night to end. However, it had to at some point. So, eventually, we called it and left the club. We said goodnight, and I knew I wanted to see him again. It was maybe 1:30 in the morning, and we both needed to work the next morning. Didn’t matter, it was an amazing night.

The next day, he asks me what I’m doing the day after. “Oh whoops, was I supposed to wait a day before asking you on another date? I don’t play by the rules.”