My Pack


project_k9_pitbulls_jinx_utah_dog_trainingBorn unknown. Estimate: 2011. Black pittie. Very calm temperament, suffered trauma with people before I pulled her from a kill shelter. I had a medium read her, and told me her puppies were taken from her while she was being used as a breeding bitch in a dog fighting organization. She doesn’t trust most people, but once she warms up, she’s a total sweetheart. She has come so far in the time I have had her (I picked her up in October of 2013), and continues to make wonderful progress. Her job in my pack is to work with nervous or anxious dogs and help them gain confidence. She also does amazing work with puppies.



dobermans_red_dobies_project_k9_heather_hamilton_utah_dog_trainingI bought Dante from a reputable breeder as a puppy. Ok, scratch that, My ex-husband surprised me with him! He was born in September of 2014. He is a very dominant little guy, and is incredibly high energy. Which makes for a challenging temperament for a puppy. I have definitely learned quite a bit from this smart little pup! Once he gets a little older, he will have better controlled corrections and will work with dominant to aggressive dogs to teach them proper social skills. He is well on his way there!


vitisVitis is a very special guy, who was actually my boyfriend’s dog until he joined the family! He had some puppy-ish impulse control problems where he wanted to rush up and meet dogs with crazy high adrenaline to ‘say hi’, and if they didn’t appreciate it, he would make bad decisions like attacking them. He has come a very long way and now helps us work with dogs who need to build some confidence and learn how to be a dog again. He is learning to be more respectful with other dogs, and I now use him with our board and train dogs, as well as during private sessions. He loves long walks in the mountains, hunting bugs, swimming, and playing with toys! We are so excited to see how he can continue to grow and help dogs with issues in the future!


project-k9-jane-rat-terrierI found Jane laying in the ditch about a mile away from our house in July of 2016. She was estimated to be about a year old at that time. She was skinny and had clearly been out on her own for a while. I made a leash from my headphones and brought her home. We tried to find her family, but no one claimed her. So, I trained her, and she became a part of our PK9 crew! She does need some more work with socialization with people, places, and other animals, so she currently isn’t being used for training, but she’ll get there! She is 4lbs of pure spunk, energy, and attitude! We love this little girl, and so do all our other dogs!

Rest in Peace, Angels


project_k9_rescue_pittie_mamma_pet_lossI was contacted by a local rescue about an 8 year old pitbull who had just a couple hours left before she was euthanized for lack of space at the shelter. I had the resources, the finances, and the space to help this dog. So, I decided to foster her. After a couple days, I realized she would be harder to place because of all her health issues. So, she was going to retire with us, in my pack. She became a permanent member of the family, and I showed her how to be loved and cared for. I showed her how to be a dog. I only had her for four months, and her health started to decline rapidly. I decided to make the call to put her to sleep instead of pump her full of drugs to keep her around for me. She doesn’t deserve to suffer anymore. I love you sweet girl. RIP Mamma 1-23-2015.


utah-dog-training-border-collies-project-k9-heather-hamiltonI adopted Jed officially on Christmas 2015. I pulled him from the Tooele shelter in July, 2015. We knew going into this one he didn’t have a ton of time anymore. He was 15 when we adopted him. I had this amazing kid for 5 amazing months. He was originally labeled as dog aggressive, especially with little dogs. He did have some problems with other dogs, but mainly he was just grumpy and didn’t have the structure to succeed. After just a few days with us, he learned how to ‘say no’ appropriately with other dogs and started doing much better. I used him a lot after he was rehabilitated for one-on-one introductions, pack walks, demos with clients on how to handle dogs, and overall, just a ‘shop dog’ because he was super chill, and loved people. He eventually got to the point where he was awesome with other dogs as well. Just a few days ago, we made the decision to put him out of his pain. He was having a hard time getting around and was incontinent. After giving him some meds for the pain, the incontinence got much worse, and we made the impossible decision to be there for him when he left this world and went to the next. I love you, buddy. 1-19-2015


Project_k9_heather_hamilton_napoleon_yellow_labBorn May 5, 2004. Energetic yellow lab. My old coworker gave me an obese lab who they just didn’t have time for. I tried him out for a weekend and fell in love with him. This guy joined my family in 2011. He was fat, but very high energy. I used him mainly for obedience, socialization and pack work, as well as a demo dog for obedience, leash work, and teaching clients new techniques. He was also my service dog for several years while I was battling PTSD and learning how to manage my bipolar disorder. He started having seizures, and then lost his motor function and had trouble breathing. I lost him on 7-6-2016. Napoleon, you are deeply, deeply missed.


project_k9_chihuahuas_our_packHe was about 4. I originally trained this guy when he was about  a year old, then he was surrendered to me because the family was moving and didn’t want to take him. When he went home, this guy was the perfect dog. His strengths/job in my pack is to increase confidence in shy or nervous dogs, as well as create balance with very controlled corrections. He is naturally calm, spunky, and is incredibly balanced. Adding in a small dog into a pack of large dogs does change the dynamics. In this case, it added a new level of balance. He brought so much joy and happiness to my life, and everyone who knew him. He was an incredibly special dog. We lost Marshall in a tragic accident in November of 2016. He is deeply, deeply missed.

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