Project K9

Project K9 Utah Dog TrainingProject K9 was founded in 2012. Currently, we serve all of Utah County and offer private in-home training for behavioral concerns and basic obedience. We focus on using non-violent techniques to teach your dog or puppy manners, obedience, and leadership.

Heather Rose has been around dogs her whole life, and has decided to make them a permanent part of her life by embracing dog training.

She has studied canine psychology and behavior, canine nutrition and general wellness, canine anatomy, theriogenology, and different training techniques.

In her experience, she has realized every dog is different, and prides herself on knowing how to handle different personality types and quirks, and finding what works best for your individual dog’s needs.

Heather has experience working with breeders, shelters, and rescues, so she is familiar how a dog’s history can form certain behaviors, and how each situation is different. While in the field, she has been able to experience working with many breeds, dogs of all ages and sizes, and many different temperaments ranging from submissive and fearful to over-assertive and dominant, pushy animals.

Heather is a certified Professional member of the IACP.
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