This quote really describes how I feel right now

Yesterday, I wrote about friendship and about how lonely I am. More and more I am noticing I am intentionally left out or not invited to lunch, to “girl’s night” or just dinner. My husband says it’s because everyone is busy and it’s the summer so people have things to do. Kids are out of school, and everyone is spending family time with each other. Is that true? That hanging out with friends is just not a priority, or is it me? It is because we don’t have kids, so we don’t fit in with this crowd?

I find myself getting ignored, talked over, and being completely forgotten. It’s not only in just one place. It’s at work, it’s with old friends, new friends, at home, in my neighborhood. Am I just blind, and not seeing when some people make an effort?

Again, my husband says that I’m just seeing the bad because I’m ‘in the darkness’ right now. Which is what we call it when I’m having a ‘depression episode’.

Nothing is wrong in my life. No horrible trauma has happened. Normal every day stressors are happening every day, but right now, it feels like every little thing that is going wrong is the end of the world.

For example, my husband asked me today, “You called me to tell me one thing, and now you are freaking out and getting all emotional. What’s wrong – what’s really wrong? Because you are throwing this out of proportion.”

Well, what is wrong…?

Maybe it’s because my neighbor’s sprinkler was flooding our front yard.  A company our neighbor hired went over to talk to them about it and my husband wants to hire them to work on our lawn.

If we hire them, we aren’t going to have any money. We will go bankrupt. We will have to eat ramen and mac and cheese, and we’ll get unhealthy and fat. We’ll have horrible skin and get acne. Then, we can’t afford to feed the animals, and they’ll have to eat normal store-bought food instead of eating raw.

And because we won’t have any money, I will have to get another job and work extra to make more money to make up for all the bills we are skipping. I will have to quit my business and then abandon my dream.

And what about how I feel? My heart won’t stop, I can’t catch my breath, I can’t see straight, and I couldn’t sleep last night because I was crying, and thinking about how no one likes me and really doesn’t want to hang out with me.

What if everyone is just pretending to be nice to me because they are nice people?  Am I that repulsive? Do people really not want to be around me? Well, I think I’m done then. I’m done asking people to hang out. I’m done expecting people to ask me to lunch. I’m done asking if people want to come over and walk their dogs with me or come have a drink. Or watch this stupid Vampire Diaries show, which I have never seen, but I thought it would be fun to do with some friends. I’m done asking people to be friends. I can’t do it anymore.

How do I handle all this? I put on the happy suit and go about my day – hiding my invisible battle. Hiding my feelings and just pretending like everything is ok. Because I have to fake it to make it. Right?

RyderFinally, a paid holiday off. Tomorrow is Independence Day. I’m not looking forward to the kids or the fireworks or the noise. But I am looking forward to no work, no training appointments, and I actually get to do something for myself for once. And I am boarding Ryder – a Great Dane I have been working with. I should really get around to writing an update about him. He is back and forth on progress, but overall, it’s one step forward, ½ step back every single day. Progress is incredibly slow, but he has made significant changes since we started working with him. He is way more balanced. Now that I know more about him since the workshop, I see changes, and I see respect and calm behavior… As soon as he feels he can be disrespectful, he will. Anyway, I will have to write about this later…if anyone cares.


Recently, I have really noticed that I don’t have a lot of actual ‘let’s go hangout’ type friends. I have lots of Facebook friends, and long-distance friends, and friends I would put up for the night no matter what. But actually calling or texting up a friend in my area, and asking them to hang out – not so much. Why?

I keep thinking it might be me. Is there something wrong with me? Am I not ‘friend-worthy’? Is it just a cultural difference? I’ve always been the odd man out in this state. I’m not socially awkward, unless I’m trying to be (to be funny). I’m not strange or completely inappropriate. I’m funny, and I like to listen to different people’s beliefs and stories.

Yes, I am busy, and my ‘hang out’ schedule is sporadic at best. But still, it is nice to just plan something every once in a while with some friends and go hiking, or go drink, or even just watch a movie or play a video game. I don’t want to feel like I have to host when I have friends come over. Get your own soda out of the fridge, don’t ask to go to the bathroom, just go.

I miss college. I miss my friends and how things were back then. Lately, I’ve been feeling this more and more. Again, why?  Why now? I graduated and my friends moved away in 2010.

Maybe I really am that different from the people in my area. I am inappropriate sometimes, I talk about dogs too much, and I drink. In my area, not a lot of people drink, and I get ridiculed sometimes for my hair or what I wear.  I’m not going to change to fit in, as I should be able to be comfortable with myself.

Maybe because I work too much, and I can’t hang out when people want to hang out. My random schedule prevents that, unless it’s on a Sunday. That’s the only day where I don’t work. So, that’s the only day I can reliably hang out. Unfortunately, I live in a pretty religious area, so many people don’t do things on Sunday.  Since I’m not religious, this makes for a difficult predicament.

Maybe I’m just complaining, or maybe I am working too hard. But I’m working hard for a reason. There is an end goal. And I’m getting closer. It is just going to take time. I also feel like I’m hitting a low point again. Suck it up, Heather. Put on that happy face again.