Depression Suppressor

I have recently been thinking of things to help suppress the depression while I’m at home. There are so many days where I just want to come home from work and sleep. Or sit in a corner and not do anything. But, alas, I have responsibilities.
Like walking the dog, making dinner, feeding the animals, brushing the cats’ coats and teeth, trimming all their nails, and overall, just managing a household. A household of 2 humans, and 3 furbabies. No, that may not seem a lot to someone who has a house full of children and furkids, but in my experience with dealing with depression, getting just one thing done in a day is an achievement. Something to be proud of. You want toPS3 Controller stop the world from spinning sometimes, and just have a moment.

So, I have compiled a list of things that I HAVE to do. No matter what. A checklist helps when I am REALLY having a bad day. As long as do these things, I will feel like I have accomplished something.

– Personal hygiene: Shower, brush teeth Just the bare minimum sometimes to get through the day.
– Feed the animals.
– Eat dinner.
– Take at least 1 hour while at home to do something that does not involve work. Examples: Video game,     television episode, read a book, snuggle with dog.
– Go to work.
– *BIGGEST CHALLENGE: On Saturdays, go to my doggie social class.

Bare minimum, people. Sometimes, just doing those things is a significant challenge. Especially if I’m having a bad start on my Saturdays… which is actually one of my worst days since I legitimately feel like I don’t even have to make my bare minimum list.

Does anyone else have a ‘bare minimum list’ they use to get through the day when they are trapped?